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Grounded in research, culture, health and culinary experience, Salty Jack® creates fun and flavorful, aromatic, and health-conscious salt products using natural and quality sourced ingredients in a way that’s good for the body and good for the earth.      


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Save the Ocean and lets keep it salty!


We’re excited to continue our partnership with Deep Blue Research Foundation, who’s on a mission to improving the health of the planet’s oceans through at-sea marine research around the world. For every purchase made from our 2nd Annual Salty Shark Fundraiser, 50% of the profits will be donated to Deep Blue Research Foundation.
Available for a limited time.
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The Salt Collections
Coffee Time

Alex Twyman's Old Tavern Coffee Estate is Jamaica's first single estate offering. Producing the world's rarest and most famous Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee using traditional processing methods, and roasting in small batches for a truly artisanal experience. Make it country style by adding a pinch of salt, and learned about relationship between coffee & salt.       

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Community Reviews

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“The Rosemary-Lemon Salt has become my go-to seasoning! It gives a bright flash of flavor to veggies, fish, chicken, eggs, and salads.”


- Candice Goucher, Ph.D

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"I was so excited to open my order! The salts themselves are beautiful and tasty and the focus on eco-friendly and cute packaging was a welcome bonus. I am looking forward to giving the variety of salts I ordered to friends as holiday gifts—and my husband has already claimed his favorite flavors for his stocking stuffer!"


- Libi Sundermann, Ph.D

Image by Charity Beth Long

"THANK YOU! Thank you so much for making this product! As someone with dysautonomia/POTS it has been so hard to find quality products that can help with the much needed salt intake that don't come with all the extra sugars or artificial stuff. I have enough going on with my body, I don't need all the extras! Not only is your stuff safe and natural... it tastes AMAZING!!! I am soooo in love with your strawberry lemonade and the mojito this past summer was the BEST refresher on a hot day when my salts were extra low! Seriously, your product is a literal lifesaver! Thank you!"

- Leah T.

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"I bought the medium roast coffee and shared it with friends and family. Everyone who tried it loved it! One of my friends is picky with coffee but they found the medium roast was just right for them! Overall it was a good purchase and would make a perfect gift for yourself or any other coffee lovers you know!"


- Dori H.

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"I have yet to try a salt that I do not like. Each one has a uniquely pleasant aroma and flavor, but my favorite has to be “A Cup of Jack.” It works wonders when added to coffee, and it can be used to make a killer steak rub!"

- Paul Eubanks, Ph.D

Red Wine

"The red wine infused salt is truly delicious. It elevates everything I put it on- from pasta to rice bowls to veggies, this salt takes your meal to the next level." 

- Aloura D.

Chocolate Chips Cookies

"I love salt! Needless to say I was super excited when I saw the drawing from a new company for some awesome flavored salt and I WON...that just never happens for me. When I received my prize in the mail I could tell it had been caringly packed, a lovely jar of salt and a sample of Blue Mountain coffee. And it included a special sticker and a thank you note from the owner. I have ordered different flavors from Salty Jack and some go great in sweet things and others bring out the hidden charms of savory dishes. I highly recommend Salty Jack for your next shopping trip, you won't be disappointed!"

- Bridgett K.

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