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  • How do I store my salt?
    It is best to store salt in a dry and cool location away from moisture, either in a glass, ceramic, clay, or wood/bamboo container. Avoid plastic, metal, and cardboard containers as they can leech chemicals, moisture, or create a chemical reaction with the salt. Historically, salt was stored in what was called a Salt Cellar, or Pinch Pot. These containers were made from wood, ceramic, glass, and ivory depending on your status, where you lived in the world, and the time period in which you used salt. If moisture is present, it will cause the salt to naturally clump. It is normal for salt to clump unless it contains anti-caking additives. Here at Salty Jack, we do not use any anti-caking additive, so there is a chance of your salt may naturally clump depending on where you live. If it does, just break it up with your fingers or a spoon and you are good to go! At Salty Jack, we package all our salt in glass containers to minimize any moisture, plus they can be reused or recycle! However, if you want to add some flare to your kitchen, try using a salt cellar or pinch pot! Check out our custom design salt cellars for your Salty Jack salt!
  • How long can salt last?
    Salt is a natural preservative. It is one of the reasons why foods (and people) were able to travel long periods of time at sea before refrigeration came along. Pure natural salt never goes bad since it does not contain any additives. These salts include sea salt and rock salt. Technically, there is no expiration date on salt. If you see one, it is because foodstuff in the United States is typically required to have a “sell by date” or “expired date” regardless if it truly expires or not. However, unlike natural salts, there are a few salts that do have a shorter shelf life due to additives or additional ingredients. Table salt is one of those salts because it is chemically processed and contains additive compounds like anti-caking properties, thereby reducing its shelf life. Another is infused salt, because it contains other ingredients like herbs and liquids, it too has a reduced shelf life, but still can last a long time. Here at Salty Jack, we recommend using our salt within 6 to 12 months of receiving it for the best flavor and experience – however, we suspect it won’t last that long as you will want to use it every day!
  • How do I use my salt?
    Many people are unsure how to use infused salt. They don’t know whether to add it to their meals while cooking/baking, or to use it as a finishing salt – meaning, sprinkling the salt on any food dish that is finished cooking/baking. The short answer is infused sea salt can be used during the cooking/baking process and/or as a finishing salt. Here at Salt Jack, we want to share with others some of the many ways to use infused sea salt through our educational blog! Check out our recipes to see how you can use your favorite Salty Jack salt! Or, get creative and have fun in the kitchen by experimenting with your own recipes by replacing plain salt with our infused sea salt!
  • Do you sell pre-ground coffee, or can Salty Jack grind the coffee for me?"
    Old Tavern Jamaica Blue Mountain ® coffee does not come ground. Nor, does Salty Jack grind the coffee for customers. The reason for this is because once coffee is pre-ground it begins to lose its natural flavor, and most flavor is lost at around the 20-to-30-minute mark. This happens because oxygen starts to make its way into the grounded coffee causing it to begin the decaying process. This results in the coffee, once brewed, having a harsh bitterness. Whole beans mean the best flavor you can get! At Salty Jack we are all about the whole beans! Although we do not recommend pre-ground coffee, if you are someone who enjoys the convenient it provides, we have a solution to your harsh bitterness problems! Add a pinch of salt! Yes, you heard us right. Salt neutralizes bitterness and can take low-quality coffee and make it taste better! In many countries salt is added to coffee to help improve its quality, especially if it is stale coffee. The other reason we only sell whole beans is for your safety and quaranteed it is Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee. Each package of coffee is sealed by Old Tavern Estate. This is to ensure you are getting authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee fresh from the farm. Once arrived at Salty Jack’s facilities, we inspect every package to ensure it has the Old Tavern seal. Once the seal is broken, we can no longer guaranteed quality and safety of the beans. This is why no package is ever open. Currently, Old Tavern coffee is exclusively sold through Salty Jack Salt Co. in the United States, and nowhere else.
  • Why is Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee expensive?
    There are many reasons why Jamaica Blue Mountain® (JBM) coffee is expensive. The main reason is supply and demand. JBM coffee is considered one of the best and rarest coffees in the world. It only provides around 0.1% of the world’s coffee and the demand for it is rather high. However, this is not the only reason. JBM coffee is grown in a small area of the Blue Mountains located on the island of Jamaica, even though the mountain rage is quite long. Compared to the rest of the world, growing JBM is extremely hard. Crops are grown between 3,000 and 5,000 feet above sea level. There are no flat, large areas for the plants to grow, but instead they grow on steep slopes. This makes it hard for equipment to get in and out to harvest the beans. This is why JBM coffee is hand-harvest. Treatment of employees is important to Old Tavern and ensures they are well-taken care of. The weather also contributes to the price of the coffee. The Blue Mountains are cool compared to most coffee growing areas. This means the process of growing can take twice as long, typically around 10 months, compared to other types of coffees that take around 5 months. There is a good amount of rain and constant mist that creates humidity and decreases direct heat from the sunlight. The soil is volcanic, meaning it has a high nutrient count. All factors that create a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee. Old Tavern Estate is certified with the Jamaica Coffee Growers Association. Guaranteeing its quality and authenticity of 100% Jamaica Blue Moutian® coffee. Also, a UNESCO site since 2015, Old Tavern is a historical landmark for Jamica’s history. Until now, you could only purchase Old Tavern coffee in Jamaica. Salty Jack Salt Co. has partnered with Old Tavern Estate to bring their best and rarest coffee to your door step! Bringing a little bit of the island to you. When you buy Old Tavern Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee only available through Salty Jack Salt Co., you are buying 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® rare premium grade beans that is hand-harvested and roasted in small batches to order, the quality treatment of employees, and supporting a family run and own farm. You may see cheaper coffee labelled as Blue Mountain Coffee, the likelihood is that it is a blend with a small amount of JBM coffee, or its unfortunately a fake. You may even see Old Tavern Coffee on eBay, unfortunately there is no guarantee to know if it is real, most likely it is a fake as you can only buy Old Tavern Coffee through Salty Jack Salt Co. or direct from the farm. You can guarantee when you buy from Salty Jack ™ you are getting 100% premium grade Jamaica Blue Mountain ® coffee.
  • Are Salty Jack™ products in stores?
    Yes! We are excited to announce some of Salty Jack™ products are starting to be sold in stores. Here is a list where you can currently buy our products, as well as support local businesses: Salty Jack’s™ Infused Sea Salts: Raven & Rose Boutique 17 W 5th Ave Eugene, OR 97401 Salty Jack’s™ Soaking Salts: Movement Improvement Massage 384 Q Street Springfield, OR 97477 About Touch Massage & Acupuncture 425 W 3rd Avenue Eugene, OR 97401 Raven & Rose Boutique 17 W 5th Ave Eugene, OR 97401
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