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Global Community Partnerships Supporting One Another

Salty Jack Salt Co. envisions a world where we support one another by working together as partners, lifting each other up, and helping each other through acts of kindness and giving.

​To support this mission, Salty Jack® has developed partnerships with non-profits, small farms, organizations, researchers, and communities. Each partnership was developed to support causes and the communities that are near and dear to Salty Jack's® heart.

​To know more about these partnerships, scroll below to read about each one. To support the work of these partnerships, Salty Jack Salt Co. has created unique salts for purchase, or sells a partnership's product, available on the Salty Jack Salt Co. website.

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Deep Blue Research Foundation and
"Lemon Shark" Sea Salt

Deep Blue Research Foundation is a non-profit organization that conducts at-sea marine research around the world. Ongoing projects include studies in the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. In addition to collaborating with academic and governmental research groups, the Foundation also focuses on working directly with both local native fishers and international commercial fishers to study lesser-known marine species, often in remote marine locations. The Foundation collects data, specimens, and samples worldwide, sharing findings with peer researchers, providing data to policymakers, and educating the general public concerning the critical issue of marine conservation. Along with scientific publications, the Foundation disseminates its research through video documentaries, outreach events, and global training workshops. During its research expeditions, Deep Blue Research Foundation has discovered several new species of sharks, fishes, and invertebrates, and has gathered data on some of the most elusive animals on the planet. 

Salty Jack® is excited to have partnered with Deep Blue Research Foundation to help support their shark research and their effort to improving the health of the planet’s oceans. Sharks are vital to the health of the ocean which in turn helps the production of quality sea water to produce sea salt. To support Deep Blue Research Foundation, Salty Jack® has created "Lemon Shark" Sea Salt, quality salt infused with organic lemons, where 10% of the net profits will be donated to help support their research projects. Additionally, each year Salty Jack® holds an annual fundraiser to raise awareness and fund to support on-going projects. For update on this partnership, project collaborations and future “Shark” salts, subscribe to Salty Jack's® email list, or check out our blog.

Click here to Purchase “Lemon Shark” Sea Salt

​Meet the Founders, Paul J. Clerkin and Charles Miller, of Deep Blue Research.

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Meet Paul Clerkin

Paul Clerkin.jpg

© 2023 images by Deep Blue Research Foundation

Paul J. Clerkin is a researcher with a master’s degree from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, and is currently working on his PhD at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Clerkin specializes in rare and deep-sea chondrichthyans and focuses on new species descriptions, taxonomy, life histories, genetics, and tagging of poorly understood shark species. His outside-the-box approach combines working with local fishers and high-tech innovative research techniques.

​His research has granted him a variety of opportunities including leading workshops for the United Nations, serving as a shark expert for a Food and Agriculture Organization’s research cruise, and producing several shark documentaries. Clerkin has discovered over a dozen new species of sharks and has gotten in the water to tag some of the rarest sharks on the planet including the ultra-rare Megamouth Shark.


Find him @  or

Meet Charles Miller

Charles Miller is a researcher with a master’s degree from New York University, and is currently working at the Center of Genomics & Systems Biology at NYU. Charles has a passion for research both in the field and in the lab. As a trained molecular biologist, he brings an analytical approach to understanding marine ecology and shark phylogeny.


​His past research has taken him around the world working with a number of different organizations including Deep Blue Research Foundation, Beneath the Waves, the Smithsonian Institution and others. The quest of encountering, tagging and helping to protect the future of this unique species has become a lifelong passion. In order to accomplish this work Charles employs exciting new technologies, including satellite archival tags, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), next-generation sequencing, and soon to be implemented eDNA analysis. Charles hopes to increase the use of cutting-edge molecular biology techniques within the ichthyology community.


Find him @


© 2023 images by Deep Blue Research Foundation


Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is instantly recognizable, with a taste all its own; a character of coffee just as stimulating as the region where it is grown. With wide deep valleys and hillsides as steep as 70 degrees, the rugged terrain of Jamaica’s interior nurtures a truly delicious cup of coffee. The Blue Mountain’s dramatic contours can prove challenging to access and harvest. However, it takes just one taste to understand why it is truly worth the exacting work that goes into growing this bean with a worldwide reputation for excellence. It is rich. It is vibrant. Above all, Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is exceptionally smooth.

Owned and operated by the Twyman family, Old Tavern Coffee Estate is Jamaica’s first single estate offering. The property is home to its namesake tavern, which long ago served as a popular stopping point along the main carriage road that crossed the mountains from the capital city to the island’s north coast. Founder Alex Twyman was introduced to coffee growing in 1968. By the mid-1970s, coffee had become his obsession. Co-founder and wife Dorothy began roasting in 1994. Son David is now principal grower and roaster with a focus on efficacy and refinement. Their passionate attention to detail has earned the family reputation as the producers of the island’s best coffee.


© 2023 images by Old Tavern

Alyssa Coffee - copyright 2021

© 2023 images by Salty Jack Salt Co.

Committed to quality at every step, Old Tavern uses traditional processing methods such as sun-drying to enhance natural flavors and careful hand-selecting to allow only the most perfect beans to be included in our Proprietors Choice line. Our Aged coffee is selected from batches intentionally set aside and curated to bring about an added depth and smoothness. Of course, freshness is crucial for good coffee. That’s why beans are roasted to order in small batches for a truly artisanal experience.

Coffee has the power to bring people together and that makes the quality of the cup all the more important. Indulge in the distinctive taste of a single estate coffee where the focus is on bringing out the natural flavor and aroma of the beans. This is Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee in its truest form, direct from the farm
to your cup.

Salty Jack® is excited to partner with Old Tavern Coffee to bring their premium Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee to the United States for the first time for purchase. Alyssa developed this partnership during her years of researching in Jamaica, where she learned about the unexpected pairing of coffee and salt. Having toured Old Tavern coffee farm and seeing first-hand the process in creating this liquid gold, Alyssa learned to appreciate the hard work it takes to make this rare and world-prized coffee. Being bless to have this experience, Alyssa wants to share this slice of paradise with the rest of the world, all while supporting a family own farm in Jamaica.  

Click Here to Purchase Old Tavern Blue Mountain Coffee

Senior Cats and
"A Cup of Jack" Sea

Salty Jack Salt Co. is named after Alyssa’s beloved cat, Jack-Jack. Jack came into Alyssa’s life in 2011 at the age of 8 and passed away in April 2021 at the age of 18 – Salty Jack Salt Co. was born shortly after Jack’s passing. Jack was Alyssa’s partner in crime and furry companion with her crazy adventures. He was there during the long nights when she wrote her thesis and provided emotional support as she worked her way through graduate school. Jack meant the world to Alyssa, and Salty Jack Salt Co. is Jack 2.0, where Alyssa has placed her heart and soul into this company taking care of it as she would if it was her baby boy Jack.


© 2023 image by Salty Jack Salt Co

Jack and Alyssa copyright by Alyssa Sperry.jpg

© 2023 image by Salty Jack Salt Co

Jack was a senior cat when Alyssa first got him. He was found on the streets at the age of 3 and was taken to a shelter. Adopted shortly after, he landed in a home that eventually could no longer keep him. Instead of returning Jack to the shelter, he was given to an elderly woman, who eventually passed away when Jack was 8 years old. He went back to the original owners who found another home for him. Unfortunately, it was an abusive home and he needed a new home immediately. The original owners knew Alyssa’s family and had mentioned the life history of this cat. Alyssa had been wanting a cat and knew this cat was for her. It was love at first sight. Jack and Alyssa bonded and a decade of “salty” history wrote itself.

Jack was an important part in Alyssa life. Knowing it is harder for senior cats to get adopted, and that there remains a vast number of senior cats left to fend for themselves after their owners pass away, Alyssa wanted to do something to support the senior cat community. Alyssa created “A Cup of Jack” Salt, her infused coffee salt, with 10% of the net profits going to a variety of non-profits that support senior cats. If you are a cat lover, or even a coffee lover, check out “A Cup of Jack” and help support a good cause.

Click here to purchase “A Cup of Jack” Sea Salt

© 2021 image by Salty Jack Salt Co.


From the Kalahari Desert of South Africa, Salty Jack® is proud to partner with Oryx Desert Salt, a company that prides itself on being sustainable, environmentally conscious, involved with community support, salt education, and supporting women and women-owned businesses! Oryx Salt is a renowned and unique desert salt that is naturally organic, mineral rich, unrefined, unprocessed, and sustainable.

the-infographic-gif-correct - Orxy Salt.gif

Samantha Skyring, CEO and founder of Oryx Desert Salt, decided to walk 120km through the Namib Desert for 7 days to the Skeleton Coast.  Little did she know that this adventure would lead her to the creation of Oryx Desert Salt. On her expedition, she had the remarkable experience of meeting the Oryx gazella face-to-face. Her many encounters with these majestic and noble creatures made a deep impression on her. She learned that while Oryx have adapted to waterless wastelands and can go for an extended time without drinking water, they cannot survive more than a couple months without licking salt for the sodium chloride, minerals and trace elements vital for survival in the harsh conditions of the Kalahari Desert.

Samantha discovered that salt was being harvested in the remote, pristine Kalahari Desert from ancient rock formations 250 million years old through which underground streams flow. It was then naturally sun-dried at temperatures reaching 47°C. The idea formed to create a business promoting health-giving, unprocessed, unpolluted desert salt and it seemed entirely natural that the Oryx, with its striking colouring and markings, would become a fitting symbolic icon of Oryx Desert Salt.


Just like Salty Jack®, Oryx Desert Salt began small but continued to grow. Samantha’s passion for salt and supporting women led to her partnerships with women-owned suppliers, including Oryx Desert Salt’s iconic bags that are manufactured by a women’s home industry community group.


Most of all, Oryx Desert Salt sees itself as part of the greatest feminine power of all: Mother Nature. “We want to work in harmony with Nature,” says Samantha “not in opposition to it. Being local, sustainable and accessing a renewable resource will always be a key value for us.” A value that Salty Jack®, and the founder Alyssa Sperry also believes in.

Image by Arne Smith
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