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2022 Shark Week Awareness and Our Salty Shark Fundraiser

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Each year the anticipated Shark Week hosted by Discovery Channel has become the event of the summer for shark lovers across the world. From its first episode premiering on July 17th, 1988 to this year kicking off this year on July 24th, Shark Week has continued to grow, creating a fan base of shark enthusiasts and an opportunity for other networks like Nat Geo to surf the wave and host other shark content like "SharkFest." Because of Shark Week and the excitement and increased awareness around sharks and shark research, people are becoming more aware of the need to protect our oceans and our shark population as they play a vital role in the ocean's ecosystem.

Paul tagging a Megamouth

As a salt company, the ocean's health is crucial in producing quality salt and the water sharks need to survive. This is why Salty Jack™ partnered up with Deep Blue Research Foundation back in 2021 with our "Great White" Giving Salt to support their efforts in keeping our ocean healthy by researching one of the leading players in the ocean's ecosystem – sharks! Join Alyssa Sperry, founder of Salty Jack™ and a Shark Ambassador, Paul Clerkin, who is currently working on his Ph.D. at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and has been featured on Discovery's Shark Week with Alien Sharks and Alien Sharks 2, and Charles Miller, a trained molecular biologist understanding marine ecology and shark phylogeny, as we venture into the world of sharks this summer with our exciting fundraiser! Click HERE to learn more about Deep Blue on our Global Partnership.

We are extremely excited to join the shark celebration this summer by kicking off our Salty Shark Fundraiser on July 17th, 2022, to help support one of Deep Blue's current research projects. There are over 500 species of shark known to science yet we know almost nothing about most shark species' behavior. Deep Blue's project aims to develop a high-resolution biologger with camera which can be externally attached to elusive shark species to better learn about their behavior. In other words, this is a new and innovative shark fin camera tag that can record shark behavior for up to 48 hours that will inform researchers about shark's feeding habits, environmental interactions, social aspects (like breeding), and more – all of which would be significant contributions to science! By understanding shark behavior, researchers and conservationists can learn how to better protect these essential creatures and improve the health of our ocean.

The cost to develop and make just one high-resolution biologger with camera, is around $10,000. So far Deep Blue has raised approximately $9,000 with other grants, such as the Arribada Initiative Grant for this project. Our mission with our Salty Shark Fundraiser is to raise the remaining $1,000 for Deep Blue to finish building the shark tag with Abyssal Labs. With each purchase of our Limited-Edition Salty Shark product line created specifically for this fundraiser, up to 50% of the profits will be donated to this project.

Salty Shark Salt Tin featuring the "Lemon Shark" Lemon Salt

So, join us from July 17th through the 31st and help us make a difference by raising the funds to support ongoing shark research and improve our ocean's health! During these two weeks, you have the chance to buy limited-edition salt, merchandise, coffee, and other fun products along with learning about shark facts on our social media pages! Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @saltyjacksalt and @deepblueresearch.

Details about the Fundraiser:

Our Salty Shark Fundraiser begins July 17th and ends July 31st. Up to 50% of our Limited-Edition Salty Shark product line will be donated to Deep Blue Research Foundation. Other Salty Jack™ products are not part of the fundraiser. All orders will begin shipping out between August 2nd and the 28th depending on what product is purchased. Some products take longer to make as each order is custom-made. We thank you in advance for your support and patience!

Until next time - keep it salty!

-Alyssa aka the Salt Woman

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