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At the Beginning of a New Year...

At the beginning of a new year, it is customary for a person to decide on a “New Year’s resolution.” One that promotes change to the current lifestyle. It is a tradition that most cultures partake in every year. I, myself do not do a New Year’s resolution, but instead choose a word to focus on and make it into an action that touches all parts of my life.

My mom started this tradition many years ago and I have since continue with it. I find focusing on a word is less limiting and daunting, and promotes a lasting difference that impacts my entire life, not just a part of it. This year my word is “reclaim.” The last several years I have “lost” or left behind parts of me that I’ve neglected to nourish. At times I have felt I was pulled in many directions because I listened to other’s opinions instead of trusting myself. I chose the word “reclaim” because this year I am focusing on reclaiming those part of me that I have long desired to nourish back to health, to help make me feel like myself again. I started to do that last year with the launching of Salty Jack™ but wanted to continue it into the new year!

As I focus on the word “reclaim," I have decided to allow what I will learn and grow from this word, and let it flow into my company. This company is my baby and I want to see it get nurtured as well. Just as I am working on myself, I will continue to work on this company making it the best version possible for my customers and the community. Because of that, over the next year there will be new and exciting changes that will take place, including my most recent change of updating the website and product photos to match the company’s vibe. But those changes are just only the tip of the iceberg, I have more in store for this coming year!

I am excited for 2022 and what it has in store, I ask that you come along with me on this journey of “reclaim” and partake in all the new and wonderful changes coming this year with Salty Jack™. Additionally, I encourage all of you to find “your word” this year and continue to cherish and love yourself. Happy New Year everyone! And many Salty Blessings from Salty Jack™ to you!

Until next time - keep it salty!

-Alyssa aka the Salt Woman

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