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Celebrating One “Salty” Year!

As the fall colors come rolling in and the nights get darker, it is apparent the season is changing, but it is not the only season that is changing. Last year on October 1st, I had launched Salty Jack™ Salt Co., unleashing a new season in my life – one that I took control and chose to live my dream as a business owner. Today we celebrate Salty Jack’s™ one year anniversary and its new season as it continues to grow with new and exciting things to come. So, join me as we celebrate our one-year anniversary and reflect on a year of unimaginable joy and growth.

In celebration of our one year, during the month of October each online purchase will receive a FREE gift of a surprise small jar of salt (1 small (1.5oz) jar per transaction – valid through October 31st, 2022. Not eligible for refund, cash, or exchange. Salt Flavors will vary and are chosen by Salty Jack Salt Co.).

Reflecting on one year….

Launching Salty Jack™ was a huge accomplished for me. When I first decided to take the step, I was in a place of struggle – alone, fearful, and unsure of where to go after experiencing loss and pain. Determine to not allow the pain to consume me, I chose to pick myself up and create a new path, just like a phoenix rising from the ashes – rebirth into a new beginning – and I did just that making sure to honor those who helped me along the way, including my little kitty that inspired the company and me – Jack Jack.

Salty Jack™ is a company that provides me the space to allow my creativity to flourish. Over this past year I developed three salt product lines including Infused Salt, Soaking (bath) Salts, and my most recent addition, the NaCl Water Enhancer salt packets. Each product has taken Salty Jack™ to the next level reaching people from all over the United States – 23 states in total! (I will one day reach all 50 states!).

Although I love all my products, the one I am most proud of (and most popular) is the NaCl Water Enhancer salt packets. These packets are near and dear to my heart because I created them to help my best friend who was diagnosed with POTS and Dysautonomia this past year – it’s a medical condition that requires high level of salt intake to stabilize the body. My intention of making this product was to help her, but with her encouragement I added the product to my website. It is now my top seller helping many people across the country who are part of the POTS community and have seen such huge success in their symptoms improving! Knowing that a product I made for my best friend is helping many others makes my heart so happy and I am glad Salty Jack™ can be the destination for those who need their “salt fix.”

Another proud moment I had with Salt Jack™ this past year was the successful Salty Shark Fundraiser where we raised $100 dollars for our on-going partnership with Deep Blue Research Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to improving the health of the planet’s oceans. I had a mission to make Salty Jack™ a company that gives back to the community to make a difference. As Salty Jack™ grows, the more we can make a difference. And we are excited to announce that we will continue to do a fundraiser annually with Deep Blue in effort to continue protecting our oceans and improving its health. This is on top of our Giving Salt donation that we do year-round with Deep Blue and other causes near and dear to our heart.

As year one ends and year two begins, I think about how incredible it was to experience all that has happened. But there is one more thing that made this all possible – YOU! The success and growth of Salty Jack™ could not happen if it was not for the support from all the amazing customers, family, friends, and colleagues. Those who shared social media post, who provided heart warming comments, and who continue to buy from us. Your support has not gone unnoticed. So as year one comes to an end, I just want to say a heart-felt thank you – thank you for being on this journey and helping me live out my dream.

As Salty Jack™ steps into a new season with year two, there can only be new and exciting things on the horizon! I have many things plan for this up-and-coming year and I can’t wait to share them with you, including new promotions, limited edition salts, more salt education, and representing Salty Jack™ by presenting at the conference that helped launched me as a salt researcher back in 2017 - the 4th International Congress on the Anthropology of Salt this month! So, stay tune as we continue to grow into the company that is the destination for all things salt!

Thank you for being the best customers a gal could have!

Until next time,

Alyssa - the salt woman

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