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The Cat's Meow: Rosemary Lemon Salt

The Cat's Meow: Rosemary Lemon Salt


“The Cat’s Meow” is our infused rosemary lemon salt made with organic fresh rosemary and organic lemons. With earthy notes from the rosemary and the refreshing scent of lemons you will just want to put this salt on everything! “The Cat’s Meow” is Salty Jack’s® all-purpose salt and can be used on almost everything! Use a pinch in your scrambled eggs or sprinkle over roasted vegetables – but be warned this salt is addicting and you might just want to eat it right out of the jar.   

  • Details

    Net Wt. Small 1.25oz (34.5g) Flaked Sea Salt

    Ingredients: sea salt, organic lemons, and organic rosemary

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