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Fighting Cancer - Multiple Myeloma

Today I have some exciting, yet stressful news to share with my amazing customers. As you all know I am a small business that started back in 2021 with a mission and passion to share my love of salt (and coffee) with others. Over this year and half, you have all supported me and helped my business grow - I am so thankful for that. However, I need your support and understanding more than ever. In just two weeks my husband will undergo a stem cell transplant for his Multiple Myeloma cancer – we are so excited, yet nervous; he was diagnosed this past January and since then it has been long, hard, and life changing journey.

Because his transplant is a month-long process (July 24th – September 1st, 2023), I will be unable to fulfill any order(s) during that time since we will be in the hospital and my time and energy needs to be helping him recover. However, if you wish to still order any products during those date you can, and I will fulfill orders in the order they were received once we return from the hospital. As of right now, I anticipate orders placed during July 24th through September 1st, 2023 to be sent out by September 9th, 2023. Since all salts are made to order and in small batches, this will provide me the time to make any salt and package all orders. If you do have any questions now or during those dates, I will do my best to respond in a timely manner – but as I said, my main focus is on my husband and his fight against cancer!

I will also be moving our annual Salty Shark Fundraiser for Deep Blue Research Foundation to September instead of our normal time during Shark Week - we have some exciting things this year, so stay tune!

I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause any of you, but I do hope you understand that I am a small business and a one-woman show, and sometimes life happens!




If you would like to learn more about Multiple Myeloma and our story please feel free to check out these links:

MD Anderson Cancer Center

The Washington Post

Josh and Alyssa’s gofundme

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