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Welcome to your best salty life!

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Jamaican Salt found during one of Alyssa's research trips in 2017
Jamaican Salt - copyright image by Alyssa Sperry

Welcome!! I am overjoyed to know that you have come to my small business to check out my salty products. It means a lot to me that you have taken the time to look at my products and get to know myself and Salty Jack Salt Co. a little more.

Before I continue on, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Alyssa Sperry – the founder and owner of Salty Jack Salt Co. I am a lover of salt (of course), cats, sharks, the ocean, traveling, education, research, family, friends…etc… the list goes on and on! Although I have told my story in the “About Us” section of my website, I just want to restate how much this company means to me. It bloomed out of an idea that came from passion and education, and during a time of hardship – and now it has come to life!

Funny thing about life – in many parts of the world salt is seen to be associated with life, purity, and protection (among many other things as well). I personally feel my love for salt and the education I gained from researching it, was my lifeline in the development of this company. Salt really gave me life – cheesy as that sounds!

To give you a brief overview of this “blog” and the purpose I intend to use it for is quite simple. As a chef and food researcher, I found that many people are intimidated by cooking, feel they don’t know how to cook, or as simple as they do not know how to use infused salts. I want to smash that limiting belief and help people learn how to cook/bake using infused sea salt. I have designed suggestions on how to use salt that are accessible to all types of people – from the first-time cooks, to the college students with limited resources, and even the professional chefs who want to explore infused sea salt in their cooking. The goal of this blog is to break down the barriers and create in inclusive and safe environment for everyone to have fun, be creative, explore different ways to salt, and live their best salty life!

Each suggestion will use one of my delicious infused sea salts with ingredients that everyone should have access too. Through my research and talking to people it seemed many felt excluded because they lived in areas that had limited access to a variety of whole foods and/or were on a budget that prevented them from buying one use ingredients. I get it, as a recent graduate student on a limited budget some of my own meals consisted of Top Ramen with a hard boil egg and some green onions. Therefore, it is my mission to provide suggestions that contain ingredients that people are familiar with and have access to. Also, are simple and easy to cook with limited clean up! Let’s face it we all hate doing the dishes.

Lastly, this blog will contain stories and educational writings. I am a trained historical ethnographer – Alyssa, what in the salty ice cream sandwich is an historical ethnographer??? Well, an ethnographer is someone who studies and describes the culture of a particular society or cultural group. That is what I do! But I also add the peoples’ history to help connect the past to the present. Being an ethnographer, you help tell a person’s or peoples’ story. So, intermixed with the recipes, I will tell stories about my time as a researcher, or other people’s stories. I will also talk about the educational part of salt, food, and culture. This blog is meant to be fun and educational. Well friends, I hope by now you are just as excited as I am! I cannot wait to share my heart, and have you follow along with my journey while at the same time be cooking away in the kitchen with your new salt!

Keep it salty…the flavor of life!


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